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Genomic Nursing

Thank you for your interest in the Genomic Nursing Cyberhub. a web-based repository to provide educational and research support for genomic nursing education.The cyberhub is supported by a research grant from the National League for Nursing.

On this site, faculty can assign their students to take the Genomic Nursing Concept Inventory (GNCI ©2011) online as a classroom assignment. Results will be quickly,  allowing faculty to know which genetic-genomic concepts their students understand and, when understanding is limited, which wrong ideas their students endorse.  Knowing ‘what students know’ can then inform targeted education to fill knowledge gaps and reconcile misconceptions. Students have the option of allowing allow their deidentified responses to be retained by the research team. Those data will be used as part of ongoing research to validate the GNCI and measure genomic literacy among nursing students.

The GNCI is a 31-item inventory designed to measure understanding of genetic-genomic concepts most important to nursing practice. The GNCI content domain is drawn from the Essentials of Genetic and Genomic Nursing, a set of broadly-endorsed competencies developed by nursing professionals in the United States. The GNCI was developed in 2011; since then it has been deployed to more than 3,000 nursing students, 500 nursing faculty, and smaller numbers of practicing nurses. Data has been analyzed using basic and advanced psychometric analyses, informing a planned inventory revision during 2017. We will use the cyberub to support broad-scale testing to validate of the revised GNCI (version 1.0).

This site will also serve as a repository for resources to support genomic nursing education.


Linda Ward

Who we are

Dr. Linda Ward is the principal investigator for this project and she is an Assistant Professor at Washington State University, College of Nursing. She is the creator of the Genomic Nursing Concept Inventory (GNCI©2011). The GNCI has been validated among nursing students, nursing faculty and practicing nurses, and data inform evidence-based approaches to genomic nursing education. Dr. Ward has published multiple manuscripts around genomic nursing education and holds a genetic nurse education expert designation through the National Human Genome Research Institute.

If you are a faculty member interested in assigning the GNCI to your students as a classroom assignment, please complete the information below. A team member will contact you and provide a unique group code and link to the GNCI.